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Collecting Work [Apr. 1st, 2030|05:08 am]
So, I actually have some short stories and essays that I like buried in the archive of my posts. I don't know if I have people stop by my livejournal often, but it probably wouldn't hurt to consolidate my works up top so people can actually read them if they have an interest.
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(no subject) [May. 21st, 2013|03:11 am]

Ah, the damn editor in my head.

I had started an entry in September  or thereabouts. It's the story set in a small town after the dark lord is defeated and the upheaval found within.

I tried to start with an action scene, but I came back to it and today it turned quickly into an exposition dump.

The history is important for world building, but I'm not sure I really need to explain it. If I do, I definitely need to find a more natural way to do so rather than just throwing it all in the first paragraph.

And I'm still not sure how to choreograph a fight between a woman and three warm-blooded dog-like scaled beasts.

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The world is burning [Aug. 29th, 2012|02:19 am]
There's a girl from a village, not too far from swampland. Her family has been farming there for generations. The story starts with a messenger arriving to announce the news from the University researchers that a Meteoroid is approaching and is going to collide with their landmass on whatever the planet they live on is called. The mages of the University have, though, developed a plan to deal with it, after years of research and study. They can't prevent the meteoriod from hitting the planet, but they can still prevent the impact from becoming an extinction event. It's been determined that people will have the best chance of surviving if they group together where magic can shield large amounts of them at once. As such, people are advised to gather near universities, where the magicians are. The girl's family gets the news and discusses it briefly before deciding to go to the nearest city with a university. Once at the city, the family has to deal with all the other new immigrants. The city made some preparations, but it's clear that they were not expecting such a large influx of people. The university scouts all the immigrants for people with potential for magic, and (of course) the girl has some ability. Nothing exceptional, but the amount of energy that will need to be channelled will require as much help as they can possibly get, no one of any ability will be ignored or turned away. They tell her that it will be dangerous, so she can make an informed decision, but do lay on the guilt to sway her decision.

I still need a time line for this. The meteoroid was detected at least 10 years before impact. An announcement was possibly made at this time. Then years of research followed to decide on the best plan of action. Once that decision is made, preparations have to go underway at the University towns. A messenger will probably go out to inform people of the decision.

The question is: How much warning are people given, and when do people start moving to the cities?

The university certainly wants to get them to the city as soon as possible. It's easier to test people at the city for magical ability than it is to send out representatives to find people with potential and come back with them. The sooner people get to the cities, the sooner they get tested, and the sooner they get into training.

The people will probably start sorting in as soon as they feel they can leave their homes behind. For some of them, it means never leaving. They don't really trust the Universities, and they'd rather die than leave their homes anyway. Some people were probably looking for an excuse to leave town and will go to the city at their earliest convenience. Others will leave as the town slowly dwindles.


I'll also need to know more about meteoroids and the effects of their impacts.
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Michael is Leadership material! [Jul. 27th, 2012|12:18 am]
To be entirely frank, I was not entirely invested in getting the promotion. I figured I'd apply, see where it got me, and take the interview experience. I started working at Sierra Summit in October of 2000, it was my first real job. In early 2002, I applied to be a Blue Shirt (the student manager position). Part of the application process was a one page essay. What follows is the rough draft of my essay. The final version was in colour, because PROFESSIONALISM!

I still hold a grudge against Tom, the assistant manager of Sierra Summit, because he called my essay Infantile. Juvenile or Immature I would have been fine with, but I object to his characterization of my effort.
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Risk of Dependency [Jan. 24th, 2011|09:04 pm]
I don't like taking pills. I compromise on vitamins. Yes, they're pill shaped, but they're just nutritional supplements, they don't really do much of anything. I try not to take aspirin or Ibuprofen unless a headache is bad enough to entirely prevent me from functioning. However, I've run into another problem recently; my insomnia is getting worse. I have no regular sleep schedule anymore. It's annoying. I have no reason to be awake at 3am. My options are limited. I cannot at this time move to a city where I'd be awake at the correct hours of the day. Also, given that my sleep "pattern" doesn't seem to be modulo 24, such a city probably isn't on earth. So that's out. Alcohol helps some people get to sleep, but I've never found that proper balance. I get to "slightly buzzed" easily enough and "really buzzed" now and then, but I've never gotten the "pass out drunk" stage, just the "righteously sick" stage that I really don't enjoy at all, so I tend to stop at really buzzed. Besides which, I don't think I can afford the quantities of alcohol to do that every night. That leaves exercise, which hasn't really helped much in the past, or sleeping aids.

I think I'll try exercise first.
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Perhaps I shouldn't admit this [Jan. 17th, 2011|08:22 pm]

But I kind of wish I could dance as well as cookie monster.
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Getting a hand on Magic [Dec. 12th, 2010|05:10 am]
There are seers. For a price, they can tell you about the future. It's not about profits, the material cost, and physical costs, of divination are steep. In the great days of the Universities, now mostly passed, the universities would fund their own prophecies (via donations from alumni, tuition from students, and the money earned from services rendered.) for purposes of research, and governments and wealthy people would purchase prophecies for other reasons.

Once a prophecy is made, until it is fulfilled, seers can be stuck by prophecy. These can come without prompting, but a seer can instigate things by putting him/herself into a more receptive state. Not every vision received in this manner is applicable to the situation.

I don't know everything about magic yet. I know that people are born with an affinity, that it can manifest without training, but training is more than helpful. I know that a mage can increase her ability to work a certain type of magic in a certain area, and mages trained by different universities will have different symbols and runes to do the same thing. There are items of power, some that just happened and others that were constructed. There may be ley lines, but not necessarily. If there are, it's because there's something about a location that conducts magic, similar to fingers on a novelty plasma globe. I know that magic attenuates with distance, and is strongest with direct contact.

I don't know quite yet how they kept the cities standing, or what sort of magics there are other than divination. I need to give it more thought.
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The next cake I make will definitely have mice [Nov. 15th, 2010|02:59 pm]
Mmmmm... mice.

Tell me that doesn't look delicious.
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The Music in my Mind [Nov. 4th, 2010|09:51 pm]
For 18 years I've had a song in my head. I've never heard it when I haven't been holding a trombone. I don't know what it sounds like if it isn't being performed by a 6th grade band, but quite frankly, I don't even remember what it sounds like even then. But when I'm walking, Dazon (From the Ballet of Fancy Free) is one of the songs I might just be singing.

I don't own an MP3 player.
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Even magic has its limits [Nov. 3rd, 2010|09:08 pm]
(More history for a story idea. I couldn't manage to get the tone I wanted, so I'm disappointed with it, but it's good to have notes down)

On a global scale, nothing happens without warning. The mages of Tmesis claimed to be the first to have noticed something was amiss, from their building of high magicks and science, but the alchemists of Ontowile seem to have caught on around the same time. Whatever the starting point, delegations of scholars and apprentices made their way through the universities of the continent and news of the asteroid spread.

By the time it would be close enough for their magic to reach it, the asteroid would be beyond stopping. There would be a disaster, but they could mitigate things. And there were years to prepare. What spells could be put in place in advance were, and acolytes were taught the spells that would be strictly necessary for the impact. For most of a decade, the schools of magic focused on disaster relief.

For the most part, it worked. There were no mass extinctions on the continent, though sea life seemed less varied afterward. Scholars aren't precisely sure what happened on other continents, if there's still life to be found on them. Most of the cities remained standing, and a majority of the people who stayed in the city survived the ordeal. Those who stayed out, not believing the danger did not fare as well.

Despite the preparations, the magical community was decimated, or worse. The sheer effort and energy channeled just burnt them out, usually killing them.

It would be centuries before the community recovered.
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